The Big Bang Theory Page 2 - Spiral galaxy M81

Our Universe is a "created" thing. It had a beginning, and it will have an end, as do all created things. It is much older than 14 Billion years science estimates. This planet we are on is probably at least 300 billion years old.

Look at the picture again. Notice that all the ""matter" and gasses, etc. appear to be spiraling in to the center. This in fact, is what's happening. Everything eventually spirals into the center. This is the most fundamental dynamic in the universe. It is happening in our solar system. Eventually planet Earth will spiral into the sun. It will be turned into Light, and begin a new journey out into the darkness of space. In the spiral galaxy above, all the "matter" that condenses out of the infinite world slowly spirals into the center where it becomes light and electromagnetic wave energy which eventually graduates to the infinite world again. Round and round it goes on a journey that takes trillions of years, and has been going on forever.

Every atom is on a very long life journey, something like our own. It begins in the simplest form, and evolves into a larger and more complex atom as its journey toward the center progresses.
Science will eventually understand that everything is One. The Mendeleev chart of atomic weights and numbers, will need to be revised. Instead of each atom in it's own separate box, we need to show that all creation is a continuum. That Hydrogen eventually (in 200-300 million years) becomes helium which eventually becomes Lithium, Beryllium, etc. We will discover that we can create many of these atoms at will. We will learn many things that would be considered science fiction today. The solar system in which we live is also a continuum. All planets are slowly spiraling into the sun. Mars will someday be where earth is now. This will take about 3 Billion years. Venus used to be where Earth is now, with millions of people...

Everything is One. Everything created comes from Oneness / the infinite world. The One becomes 2 = polarity. The 2 becomes 3 = neutrality. These 3 become the many = atomic elements. These elements eventually become part of planets. All created things are on a spiral journey to the center. This planet Earth is on a spiral journey to the Sun, which will take perhaps 20 billion more years. Mars is 3 billion years behind (younger than) Earth. Venus is 3 billion years ahead of us. Our Earth will be where Venus is now, in 3 billion years. All people living on that Earth will leave when quality human life is no longer possible. Mars will have spiraled to the present day Earth orbit, and will be very much like Earth is today. There is evidence that this has already happened at least once in this solar system. The Japanese people call themselves "Nihonjin" – “Sun Origin People” (the people that came from the direction of the Sun). All of us who lived on this planet, and were buried here, will eventually reach the Sun, and be transformed into light. That light will be attracted to its opposite, darkness. Eventually we will rejoin the infinite world - We will have returned to the infinite world, to “God”.

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